Dear students, 

a period of changes is coming and it will involve all of us differently: students  who are about to start a new study and life experience very important for your future, as well as your fellows who have enrolled in previous years, professors, the technical-administrative staff, including all those belonging to our academic community. In fact, starting from this year the implementation of the Gelmini law will introduce some significant amendments such as the disappearance of the eight Faculties and the introduction of six leading structures. From now on, didactic and research activities will be carried out by these structures, four Departments and two Schools, where all the Courses of study which form our Educational offer are merged. You will quickly learn how to move through this new arrangement thanks to the collaboration of the structures and Orientation Centre’s staff.

We have defined paths which twist and turn among tradition, innovation and local rationalization and follow the way of the collaboration between different fields in favour of broader cultural references to be offered to you students. For example, the way of internationalization taken together with the two Master Degree Courses of the School of Agricultural Sciences will represent an important opportunity of growth for you and our University. It will be the way to go in the future: our University will be able to face efficiently this particular moment of economic and social transition, only by using its best energies and putting in place new ideas and solutions.

The start of this change process, which is more cultural than structural, occurs at the same time as a very important event: the thirty-year anniversary of our University. A recurring event which should lead us to face the future enthusiastically and consciously. If we remained the same, we would risk becoming like one of the invisible cities described by Italo Calvino, Zora, which once had been like a musical score and then disappeared due to its opposition to progress. “… But in vain I set out to visit the city: forced to remain motionless and always the same, in order to be more easily remembered, Zora has languished, disintegrated, disappeared. The earth has forgotten her”.

 It is an invitation as well as a chance for you: live the university experience to the fullest and learn to appreciate the “new” as a chance of growth and improvement in your lives, treasure everything will happen around you, try to make the most of every moment, become points of reference and protagonists of your University.


Mauro Fiorentino

University of Basilicata Rector