The University, through its Language Centre, offers free courses, in blended learning from 2013/14 (using the DI.L.LE platform), to students, teaching staff and staff at different levels (A2, B1 and B2-CEFR), in the principle languages of the EU (English, French, Spanish and Germany), prior to the mobility abroad (semester 1 and 2), organizes language Campuses as part of educational activities. The university also provides financial support for language courses in the host country should a specific need occur.

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Italian Language course

Students coming to UNIBAS, within European Programmes can benefit from Italian language courses supplied at the beginning of the semester, through the UNIBAS-Department of Human Sciences. Courses are structured in different classes depending on the learner’s level (CEFR) and developing general competences and communicative and linguistic skills. They are for the learners who need to learn or improve their Italian. At the end of the course, after the final examination, students receive a certifying Diploma.